Maraz, S.L. has the objective of becoming a reference company in our market and mainteining our leadership by exclusiveness and quality of our products.
We consider quality as a fundemental element to obtain good results and set up the company at the present market. To achieve this required quality level, Maraz has an efficient, competent and decisive Quality System, wich is allways open to a continuos improvement to check and verify its efficiency.
Our products must cumply with two basic requirements: to satisfy our customers needs and expectations and provide them of an added value in the market.
Maraz maintains quality is a common objective to all people who work in the organization. For this reason, this Policy and all the actions to achieve this quality are known and applied by all them.
Maraz, S.L. employers know our customer profitability depends on the high quality our Organization gives them. To guarantee this quality, all the people who work in Maraz look for the continuos improvement for the products they manufature. 
The close collaboration with costumers and providers helps to the Organization to improve all the quality aspects.
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